Growth & Awareness Package

Growth & Awareness Package $1500

(For Established Businesses that are Growing)

So maybe you have a website and have some loyal clients but you want to go to the next level! There are some key components to Mobile App Demo
Get a mobile app to help grow your business! We’ll teach you how to use your app for success and build your brand awareness by promoting it with viral video, on social media, and with email marketing!

an effective marketing strategy that can help build your brand and attract new customers. We suggest buying this consultation package of 15 hours of marketing coaching which includes the set-up and implementation of the following:

  • Mobile Application for your business on Android & iTunes App Stores for download by your customers for free (includes set-up, design, and training for best practices)
  • Social Media Evaluation & New Strategy Implementation (incorporates three 10 sec viral videos & comment engaging)
  • Email Marketing Evaluation  & New Strategy Implementation (incorporates lead pages & automated marketing systems)
  • $99 per month to keep up your mobile app

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