Monthly Packages

Our monthly packages are perfect for the busy entrepreneur who has made a commitment to market their way to success.

Most start-up companies don’t account for the most important aspects of their business–attracting new customers & encouraging repeat customer transactions. Customers are how we make money! Marketing is how you get customers. Implementing monthly marketing strategies is how to generate monthly revenues that help you create skyrocketing profits and financial freedom. Check out our packages below and see what we can do for you:

$399 per month: Just Social

Just social is the package you need to manage up to 4 social media pages with content distribution and audience building. We’ll make one 30 second viral video for you per month to promote your website, a special, or event. (That’s worth $399 alone each month!)

$599 per month: Online Digital Strategist

Let us be your online digital strategist. We will not only make your social media updates on up to 5 profiles, we will create blog content for your company, and manage your website. This includes four 10 second viral videos per month, one 30-second video and professional images for all your posts.

$999 per month: Platinum Marketing

With this package you get it all! Web maintenance, email marketing, content creation, social media marketing on up to 6 profiles, text message marketing, and unlimited marketing consultation. Includes up to eight 10-second or 30-second viral videos per month and professional images for all your posts.

$1499 per month: Go Corporate! (Limited Availability)

This is for the company that wants to make over $100,000+ in revenue. This is a systems based marketing package that includes email, mobile app, social media management, and live event marketing. We’ll handle your entire online strategy to make sure you take your business into the six figure range this year while sitting back and working much less than you ever have before. We’ll do whatever it takes for your financial success including creating unlimited 10-30 second viral videos for your site, blog, social media, and email campaign. You’ll also have a dedicated account executive ensuring that your strategy is implemented exactly as planned. (18 month Commitment Agreement must be signed for this amazing package price!)

Choose Your Marketing Package

Need more than just online marketing? We can help with that!

We provide business management, event coordination, PR, and sponsorship acquisitions. Our monthly retainer starts at only $3000+ expenses. We can negotiate a custom package appropriate for your business goals and budget. Just call us.

Got Questions? Call Us at (267) 342-2646!

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