Start-Up Branding & Marketing Package: $2500

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Get all star marketing from the start. We make it simple!

We will create an entire brand identity for your small business including:

  • Logo
  • Website & Mobile App
  • 1000 Business Cards
  • 1000 Flyers
  • Branded Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Instagram Page, Pintrest/LinkedIn
  • YouTube or Vimeo Page
  • 2 Branded Videos
  • 15 Branded Photos
  • 15 blog articles or posts
  • 15 email newsletters
  • 5-10 status updates on each of your social media pages to start momentum
  • $99 per month to maintain your mobile app.

This package is perfect for the business that plans to win, attract lots of customers, make lots of money and be successful within the first 30-60 days of business launch. Buy this package now.

Platinum $2500 Start-Up Marketing Package

Budget Starter Package $500

$2500 may be sticker shock for some people. Especially people on a shoe string budget trying to chase their dreams. We get it. So we created this special budget starter package just for you. Use it to get some traction, grow your customer or fan base, and then reinvest in your marketing efforts once you get some income flowing in. To get the revenues started let’s design you a stunning logo, website, and flyer to get your company ready for the big leagues.

$500 Starter Marketing Package with Logo, Website, and Flyer Design
Get this Special Starter Package for $500 bucks and build your brand!

$500 Starter Marketing Package Deal

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